ZVex Super Seek Wah Vexter

ZVex Super Seek Wah is the most extreme and the most versatile auto-wah pedal in the world. Brings new and surprising dimensions to your playing.

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Product Description


ZVex Super Seek Wah is the world's longest-running autowah. It is a sequencing Autowah, brings new and unexpected dimensions to your basic patterns. You can adjust the filtering of each of the 16 steps.

  • Controls:
    Small pots (16): These small pots determine the Wah's step filtering.
    Speed: Adjusts the sequencing speed. The speed can also be adjusted via the tap tempo foot switch (left switch), MID (through Midi In), or via the output pedal (via the Exp In jack).
    Gliss: Gliss at 5 o'clock when turning from the sequence step and going to the second to the next step becomes more stepless, meaning that different filtering takes place by sliding, not suddenly.
    Steps / Preset: Sets the number of sequence steps in the sequence, options 1 to 16 steps.
    Tap Div / Delta: Defines the tap split in Tap Div mode. In the Delta mode (which is released by pressing the Tap Div / Delta and Steps / Preset adjustments at the same time), you can specify the speed and deceleration rate of the sequence. The sequence either accelerates or slows down.
    Step / Seq / Rnd Switch: In step mode, the next step in the sequence is manually moved by pressing the tap switch. In Seq mode, you are going to sequence from sequence to step. In random mode, randomly switch between sequence steps.
  • Power requirement: 2,1mm 9V DC Center Negative or 9V battery. 100 mA.
  • True Bypass
  • Made in Taiwan




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