Pyramid Gold Bass

Flatwould nickel-strings for bass.
Short Scale in stock 3 pcs
Long Scale in stock 4 pcs

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Pyramid Strings

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Product Description



The ultimate musical string. The Flat Wounds are the best of the best --without peer-- no one else makes this type of string anymore!!

The flat wounds produce exactly Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys sound etc early to middle 60's ( great for all kinds of music).

With the flat wounds you can have a lower action than is possible with round wound strings & also you get no finger noise!!

'Yearn for that big, fat sound Paul McCartney got from his Hofner back in the 60s? The answer just might be a set of Pyramid Gold Flatwound strings.'

'In the early '70s, Alembic installed Pyramid Gold strings on the modified Guild Starfire basses used by Jack Cassady of the Jefferson Airplane and Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead. 'They had this amazing, supple feel,' recalls Rick Turner, 'and we loved the sound - very different from any other flatwound strings. Those strings were a big part of the 'San Francisco bass sound.'

Jim Roberts

Bass, Short and Long Scale

Developed in 1956 in association with Walter Hofner for the first Hofner 500/1 electric bass guitar. Chrome - steel Pure Nickel Flat Wire Wound . Legendary Bass String Set with Extreme Long Life .

The flat wound bass are equally bass magic --short scale for Hofner and long scale for Fender, Rickenbacker etc. Low B 5th String Available.

Long Scale:(No. 640/1 )
'PYRAMID Gold' .040-.105 Pure Nickel Flat Wound
Long Scalegauges .040/.055/.075/.105

Short Scale: (No. 640)
Developed in 1956 in association with Walter Hofner for the first Hofner 500/1 electric bass guitar. Pure Nickel Flat Wound. Legendary Bass String Set with extreme long life. They fit on your old Hofner or Framus Bass (short scale)No. 640 'PYRAMID Gold' .040-.100 Pure Nickel Flat Wound
Short Scalegauges .040/.060/.075/.100


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