FoxRox Octron 3

FoxRox Octron 3 is a new, smaller version of the best analog octave pedal in the world. Same sound as before but smaller size.

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Product Description


The FoxRox Octron is an analogue octaver producing both an octave-up, as well as an octave-down signal. The Octron is very touch-sensitive and interacts well with a player's technique. The pedal allows you to mix the dry and effected signals to your liking. Both octave signals have their own level knobs. This is the best in analogue octaving in a box. New version in a smaller format than before.

  • Controls:
    Down: adjusts the signal level of the lower octave. 5 o'clock is full on, while at 7 o'clock the octave is off. This is an octave divider in the vein of the Mutron/Boss OC-2/DOD Octoplus. Tracking is great, and it gives you a clean, undistorted octave.
    Mids/Low Switch: In Mids position the octave down has a mid boost when it comes across stronger when playing with small amps. In Low position you will get a thick full bass sound, which sounds massive through 12- or 15-inch speakers.
    Up: adjusts the signal level of the higher octave. 5 o'clock is full on, while at 7 o'clock the octave is off. This is a high-gain, germanium-based octaver, which will always add a little bit of distortion to the sound. You will find two trim-pots (Gain and Tone) for adjusting this octave's sound inside the unit. The high octave works across the whole range of the fretboard, but is heard best in higher regions.
    Bright/Pure Switch: In Bright position the octave up circuit receives the full signal spectrum and the sound is clear, bright and harmonically ricch. Ij Pure position the signal goes first through a low pass filter resulting in a darker sound.
    Direct: adjust the level of the dry signal. At 7 o'clock the direct signal is completely off.
  • Power requirements: 2,1mm 9-18V DC power supply (negative centre) or 9V battery. 12 mA. A higher voltage (than 9 V) adds more headroom, making the pedal work better with an electric bass.
  • True Bypass
  • Made in USA



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