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Sound of the Month

Shrunken Whammy

Digitech Whammy Ricochet gives you all the essential sounds and functionality of the original Whammy in a much more pedalboard-friendly size. Ricochet's measurements are: 12,06 cm (length) x 7,3 cm (width) x 4,45 cm (height)

Polyfonic or classic

Whammy Ricochet is polyphonic in Chords mode, so you can play chords through it without a glitch. In Classic mode the chords will cause the Ricochet to glitch like the order Whammy pedals. This can also work musically in some cases, as in Radiohead's "My Iron Lung"

Two operating modes

Momentary switch chooses if the footswitch of the Ricochet is momentary or latching type. Momentary mode is closer to the functionality of the traditional Whammy.

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